November 20, 2017

Puppy Raw Feeding Guide

Percentages to Feed Based on Age:
  • 7-8 weeks: 7-10%
  • 9-16 weeks 7-8%
  • 17-21 weeks 6-7%
  • 22-30 weeks 5-6%
  • 31-40 weeks 4-5%
  • 41-50 weeks 3-4%
  • 50+ 2-3%
You can also feed 3-5% of their estimated adult weight
Prey Model Raw diet for a puppy is 60-80% muscle meat 10-20% bone and 10% organ meats (5% liver and 5% other secreting organs)
Suggested proteins:
Chicken, duck, beef, pork, quail, lamb, goat, rabbit, bison, guinea pig, alpaca, venison, goose, wild game birds, oily fish, tripe, etc.
Ideal edible bones:
Chicken, duck, quail, rabbit, guinea pig, lamb, venison, fish.
Organ meats:
Must feed liver
Other organs: kidney, thymus (sweetbreads), uterus, testicles, brain, eyeballs, pancreas and spleen
Introduce a puppy cold turkey to raw. I suggest starting them on a variety as growing puppies require more nutrients than adult dogs. Puppies will need their organ meats, bone and muscle meats. Every protein offers different nutrients that a growing puppy needs. Please feed three times daily until 6-10 months of age, depending on the dog.
You can also feed pasture organic eggs up to three times a week. Please base this on the size of the animal. Not every dog should have 3 eggs, some should have 1 a week. You can also blend eggs with their shells and give a little with meals.

November 18, 2017

Recent Meals

Linc: beef chunks, venison rib, fish oil, joint supplement and local bee pollen

Mac: pasture raised egg, beef kidney, venison rib, fish oil and joint supplement 
Linc: pasture raised egg, beef kidney, venison rib, beef chink, fish oil, joint supplement and local bee pollen

 Beef Heart

Mac: rabbit leg, rabbit liver, fish oil and joint supplement 
Linc: rabbit leg, beef tripe, turkey hearts, fish oil, joint supplement and local bee pollen

Linc: turkey drumstick portion, beef chunks, fish oil, joint supplement, organic egg and local bee pollen 
Mac: turkey drumstick portion, organic egg, fish oil and joint supplement

November 13, 2017


As you guys might have noticed, I feed balance over the period of a week. This system works well for myself and my dogs. Here is a break down of what would need to go into every single meal IF I fed balance every day and every meal:
Linc: 53lbs, intact, 3.5 year old male
Daily intake 2.38lbs (4.5% of weight)
1.12oz liver
1.12oz other secreting organ meat
5oz bone (20%)
1.6lbs muscle meat
Each meal:
0.56oz liver
0.56oz other secreting organ
2.5oz bone
8oz muscle meat
38lbs (gaining weight) neutered, 11.5 year old male
Daily Intake 1.14lbs (3% of weight)
0.6oz liver
0.6oz other secreting organ
2.3oz bone (20%)
8oz muscle meat
Each meal
0.3oz liver
0.3oz other secreting meat
1.15oz bone
4oz organ meat
My dogs actually do meet these percentages except the bone, sometimes their bone content is heavier and sometimes lower. Mac is receiving more bones due to his Cushings disease and the effects it has had on his digestive system. He is more prone to diarrhea. Feeding balance can be done over each meal, over a day or even over the period of a week. The point is that the animals are receiving the nutrition they need. If you tried to do balance over a longer period than a week, I would be worried of malnourishment.

November 12, 2017

I moved!!!

Okay, so a lot has changed recently. I received a promotion with Amazon and have moved to Seattle, Washington. Yes, I now live on the West Coast.

A lot of things have changed besides the move. Mac was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. We are currently working with our new veterinarian on finding the right dosage of vetoryl for him. He has to wear belly bands because he has been having accidents.

I also have a pet sitter who comes once a day to take him out while Linc and I are at work. The pet sitter really helps tbh. Not cheap, but well worth it.

One of the odd things about Mac's Cushings, is that he actually lost 9lbs. Yes, Mac lost 9lbs and went down to 35lbs. He is slowly gaining the weight back after I increased his food intake. He is now eating around 1-1.5lbs per day. 

Linc is doing well, he had a strange allergy when we moved here, but that is currently being maintained by a medication. He also dropped a few pounds, which is odd.

I am also working on losing weight and have signed up for my first ever turkey trot, which is exciting!! 

I am glad to be back and will be posting more in the future.

March 5, 2017

Mac had Surgery

Mac had two lipomas removed on Monday February 27, 2017. He went in to remove one, but there was another growing near by. The lipomas were in his axilla (armpit) and if they continued to grow, they would start to cause issues with mobility.

Then my brilliant ten year old decided to rip his stitches. Now I get to clean and rewrap his wound everyday. 

The wound is healing and starting to fill in. I am using betadine spray to clean it and Yun Nan Baiyao (Chinese Herb mix) to keep infection out. I highly suggest looking into this herbal mix for wounds. It is amazing! But as you can see, everything is fine. the wound is too old to restitch.