Service Dogs
Both Mac and Linc are from Stimming Paws Assistance Dogs

MacKintosh (Mac)
Australian Shepherd
Service Dog (Autism/Medical Alert)
DOB: 04/05/2006
Guide work (car, find help, find door)
Guide/Find to family member if in store
Deep pressure therapy (on lower legs and thighs)
Migraine alert
Body blocking

Lincoln (Linc)
Australian Shepherd
Service dog in training (Autism/Medical Response)
DOB: 04/13/2014
Tasks in training:
Behavior interruption (pawing when picking at skin)
Guide work (door, find car, find help)
Deep pressure therapy (on legs)
Pick up and retrieve items
Carry Items
Body blocking
Opening and Closing drawers, cabinets, doors, etc.
Migraine Response

Information in Service Dogs:

Types of Service Dogs:
Medical Alert: Dogs are either taught (by scent for diabetes) or naturally alert to medical issues that are episodic such as seizures, migraines or allergens (nuts).
Hearing Dogs: Dogs are taught to alert and respond to sounds.

Guide Dogs: The most commonly known.  Guide dogs are taught to guide their handlers and helps them help them through  everyday challenges.

Mobility Dogs: These dogs are trained to pull wheelchairs, learn to brace, pick up items, open and close doors & cabinets, remove clothing items, etc.

Autism Dogs: Autism dogs are taught to perform deep pressure therapy, body blocking, guide work, some mobility work, pick up items and behavior interruption.

Medical Response Dogs: Response dogs are trained to perform tasks when their handler experiences a medical episode.  They perform tasks such as retrieving medicine, retrieve help, deep pressure therapy and/or call 911.

Psychiatric Service Dogs: PSD are trained to mitigate episodic psychiatric issues such as PTSD or Autism and perform deep pressure therapy, guide work, behavior interruption, night terror interruption, retrieve medicine, find help, dial 911 and/or body blocking.

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