November 13, 2017


As you guys might have noticed, I feed balance over the period of a week. This system works well for myself and my dogs. Here is a break down of what would need to go into every single meal IF I fed balance every day and every meal:
Linc: 53lbs, intact, 3.5 year old male
Daily intake 2.38lbs (4.5% of weight)
1.12oz liver
1.12oz other secreting organ meat
5oz bone (20%)
1.6lbs muscle meat
Each meal:
0.56oz liver
0.56oz other secreting organ
2.5oz bone
8oz muscle meat
38lbs (gaining weight) neutered, 11.5 year old male
Daily Intake 1.14lbs (3% of weight)
0.6oz liver
0.6oz other secreting organ
2.3oz bone (20%)
8oz muscle meat
Each meal
0.3oz liver
0.3oz other secreting meat
1.15oz bone
4oz organ meat
My dogs actually do meet these percentages except the bone, sometimes their bone content is heavier and sometimes lower. Mac is receiving more bones due to his Cushings disease and the effects it has had on his digestive system. He is more prone to diarrhea. Feeding balance can be done over each meal, over a day or even over the period of a week. The point is that the animals are receiving the nutrition they need. If you tried to do balance over a longer period than a week, I would be worried of malnourishment.

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