I was diagnosed with autism at age 27.

I stimmed as a child and was non-verbal until 3 years old.  

I have a very strong and large fantasy world that continues today.

I have been diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum or what is formerly known as Aspergers Syndrome.

I am proud of being autistic.

I am currently training my second service dog for both autism and medical response.

I have balance issues due to my neurological condition and can be sensitive to certain stimuli.  It can actually be painful, so I tend to wear pink tinted sunglasses where there are fluorescent lighting.  many people believe that I am blind because I use a service dog, but I'm not and have average eye sight.  I wear contacts because I have issues with the lack of clear peripheral vision while wearing glasses.

I do not like human touch unless I give permission.  I have never been a tactile person.

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